Overseas Dental Treatments

The Dangers of Overseas Dental Treatments

Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines – These South East Asian countries have become favourite holiday destinations of Australians for a variety of reasons; beautiful beaches, cheap cocktails, delicious food, and bargain shopping all just a short flight away. But that’s not all that’s on offer. These countries also provide cheap cosmetic dental procedures, which is

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kids wearing a Mouth Guard

Why is a Properly Fitted Mouth Guard So Important?

People of all ages love playing sports and while this is great for overall health and fitness, there are many sports that pose a risk of dental injury, especially contact sports. Whether it’s football, rugby, hockey or even water polo, wearing a correctly fitted mouthguard can protect you from serious injuries such as cracked, or

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Why Mouthwash Should Never Replace Proper Oral Care

Mouthwash is often used as part of a daily oral hygiene routine, however, it’s a common misconception that it can be used to replace brushing and flossing all together. After all, it kills bacteria and leaves your breath fresh so surely that’s all you need? As a trusted local Bayside dental practice, Dr Tony Heilberg

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Maintaining Your Oral Hygiene Routine While Travelling

Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, travel can affect your teeth and gums in a negative way. A lack of daily routine, in-flight dehydration and over-indulging in certain foods and/or beverages you would otherwise normally limit can have a significant impact on your oral health. Dr Tony Heilberg is the dentist that Cheltenham, Mentone,

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fruits and vegetables

How Snacking Can Affect Your Oral Health

Following a healthy and nutritious diet plays a vital role in maintaining an optimal level of health and that includes the health of your teeth and gums. However, it is important to understand that it’s not only what you eat and drink, but also how often. Dr Tony Heilberg Bayside Family Dental Practice has a

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dentist general check up

5 Reasons Why Regular Dental Check-Ups are Essential

Annual or bi-annual dental check-us are a really great way to stay on top of your oral health. Dr Tony Heilberg is the Bayside family dentist trusted to provide the very best dental treatment experience with the utmost care and comfort. If you have been putting off your routine dental visit or found yourself wondering

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Signs and Symptoms You May Need Root Canal Treatment

One of the most unnecessarily feared dental procedures, root canal therapy is a common, straightforward procedure used to treat a dying, dead or inflamed tooth pulp to relieve pain and save the infected tooth. Dr Tony Heilberg is the bayside dentist trusted by Cheltenham and Parkdale locals. We have a long-standing reputation for providing the

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