What are dentures?

Dentures are replacements for missing teeth, but unlike dental implants and bridges, dentures are removable.

What are my options for dentures?

Depending on the number of teeth being removed, dentures are available as full or partial and can either be placed on the day your teeth are taken out or a few months later.

An 'immediate denture' can be made while you still have some of your natural teeth and put in on the day your teeth are taken out. Changes to the bone after the teeth are removed may cause the denture to become loose over time and it may need to be adjusted within a few months to improve the fit.

Alternatively, you can allow two to three months for the bone to change and heal after having your teeth removed.  If you choose to wait, your denture will be a better fit from the start.

What are dentures made from?

Partial dentures can be made of acrylic resin (plastic) or a lightweight, stronger and thinner metal called chrome cobalt. The teeth on both types of dentures are made of resin materials to match adjacent teeth.

How do I care for my dentures?

We recommend cleaning your dentures with a brush  in the morning and before bed. We also suggest rinsing them in cold water after meals. Ensure you brush all surfaces of the denture to remove food and plaque build-up. Use a denture brush with mild soap and water or denture paste. Toothpaste is not recommended because it can scratch the dentures. You should also gently brush any parts of your mouth that are normally covered by the dentures with a soft toothbrush, including your gums and the roof of your mouth.