Children's Dentistry

Children's dentistry is crucial in teaching your kids the importance of oral health and hygiene. We are well trained and show tenderness and care when treating your child to prevent them from a having a negative dental experience. We always explain the process to your child, making them feel comfortable and at ease. If we can make your child’s dental experience a positive one, there is more chance they will be eager to look after their oral health.

Baby teeth

Healthy baby teeth, or milk teeth, are essential in the development and health of your child's adult teeth. This is why we recommend bringing your child to the dentist after their first birthday or when their first tooth comes through.


The typical age for having braces is about 12 years old. We will monitor your child's growth pattern and if appropriate, recommend a consultation with a specialist orthodontist before this time, so they can assess your child's need for braces and/or any other orthodontic work.  This early intervention means we can eliminate or minimise the need for braces. Early treatments are also recommended for children who suck their thumbs or have under/overbites.

Fissure sealants

Fissure sealants are a preventative measure to reduce your child's chance of cavities. They are hard protective coatings that are applied to the top of the teeth (usually the first and second permanent molar teeth) in order to cover and protect the deep grooves (fissures) and pits  in the teeth and prevent dental decay. The best time to apply fissures sealants is after the permanent teeth appear as this is when they are most susceptible to decay.