High Quality Emergency Dental Care Bayside

Emergency dental care improves the chance of making a full recovery and lowers the risk of infections and other complications.

You never know when you might need the services of an emergency dentist in Cheltenham or surrounding suburbs so it should be reassuring to know that as your trusted family dentist in bayside Melbourne, you can rely on Dr Tony Heilberg and team in your hour of need. With over 40 years’ experience, Tony is the trusted family and emergency dentist Cheltenham locals rely on.

Reliable Emergency Dentists in Cheltenham

While we may not be a 24-hour dentist, we have a special interest in urgent emergency dental care. Our caring dentists are experienced in dealing with emergency dental problems such as knocked out teeth, severe toothache, and dental abscesses, so whatever your dental emergency, we are here to help. If your accident occurs during our general opening times, please contact us on 03 9583 2233. Our staff will strive to give you an appointment at the earliest convenient time. For after-hours emergencies, including weekends and public holidays, contact Tony Heilberg direct on 0404 833 452.

When Might I Need Emergency Dental Services Near Me?

Whatever the reason for your dental emergency, we treat each patient on a case by case basis and are here to save your teeth and alleviate your pain, whatever time of the day that might be.

Dental emergencies may include, but are not limited to:

  • Severe dental pain (in teeth, mouth, gum or jaw)
  • An accident or trauma involving damage to your mouth or teeth
  • Facial swelling
  • Cracked teeth
  • Knocked out tooth
  • Lost or broken filling
  • Bleeding from gums, lips, or mouth
  • Broken crown
  • Broken or loose implants

Contact Us

If you’re in need of an emergency dental care in bayside Melbourne or are simply looking for a good dentist for general dentistry, tooth extraction, cosmetic treatments and more, call Dr Tony Heilberg Dentistry today. Whether you’re visiting us for an emergency, as a follow up to emergency dental treatment, or you just want to see us during normal business hours, book an appointment on 03 9583 2233.