Cleaning your teeth ?

The subject of tooth cleaning is very extensive and writing about it may  sound like a waste of time for those who are not already committed.

However I get very passionate regarding  dental cleaning .

Over the years I have shown patients the benefits  of regular  flossing, interdental cleaning and manual and electric tooth brushing to maintain healthy gums.

Many associations with systemic disease have been made with chronic gum disease.

For instance increased risk of heart disease, premature birth and low birth weight babies .

A recent study has implicated the possibility that Alzheimer’s may also be caused by the bacteria involved in advanced gum disease.

So the subject of tooth cleaning revolves around creating a clean looking, fresh smelling and tasting mouth free of dental decay and healthy pink gums that don’t bleed easily.

I have found that many people have difficulty  cleaning some areas of their mouth and instruction is very useful from  a dentist.

Many entertaining, convincing marketing methods by mouth wash, toothpaste and tooth brush companies would let you believe that their products will solve all your dental hygiene problems.

In my experience the claims are hugely exaggerated and give people a false sense of security.

In the end a bit of regular well directed daily cleaning with a tooth brush used correctly and interdental cleaning is all that is needed to prevent or control gum disease.

Now with  dental decay, diet and sugar are the main culprits as well as cleaning.

However, that is for another blog….